ASUS Rugged edge AI GPU for IoT applications


ASUS Rugged edge AI GPU for IoT applications

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ASUS IoT as unveiled its new PE8000G at Embedded World 2024, consisting of a powerful edge AI computer that supports multiple GPU cards for high performance processing. Enabling you to perform real-time AI inferencing and high-throughput computing like never before. The PE8000G is not just about raw power; it’s built to withstand the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, vibrations, or variable voltage scenarios, this rugged beast is engineered to thrive. With its ability to handle a wide 8—48 V DC input range and built-in ignition power control and monitoring, you can deploy the PE8000G in a variety of scenarios with confidence.

Fail-Safe Redundancy for Mission-Critical Tasks

In the world of AI-driven applications, reliability is paramount. The ASUS IoT PE8000G AI GPU understands this, which is why it features a dual-GPU setup that ensures not only high performance but also fail-safe redundancy. This means that even if one GPU encounters an issue, the other can seamlessly take over, ensuring that your AI inferencing remains accurate and efficient.

This fail-safe mechanism is particularly crucial in industries where AI-driven decision-making is mission-critical. Whether you’re dealing with factory automation, intelligent video analytics, or any other application where precision is key, the PE8000G has your back. With this edge AI computer, you can tackle even the most demanding tasks with unparalleled confidence and reliability.


  • Support for multiple GPU cards, up to 450 watts each
  • Powered by Intel Core processors (13th and 12th gen)
  • Intel R680E chipset for efficient processing
  • Designed for extreme temperature resistance and rugged conditions
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-810H military specifications
  • 8—48 V DC input range with ignition power control and monitoring
  • Optimized for computer vision and in-vehicle environments
  • Applicable for AI-driven factory automation and intelligent video analytics (IVA)
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Military-Grade Durability Meets High Performance

The ASUS IoT PE8000G is not your average computer; it’s a rugged powerhouse built to military specifications. Complying with the rigorous MIL-STD-810H standards, this edge AI computer is designed to withstand extreme temperature resistance and rugged conditions. Whether you’re deploying it in a harsh industrial environment or a challenging in-vehicle setup, the PE8000G is ready to take on whatever comes its way.

Under the hood, the PE8000G is powered by the latest Intel Core processors (13th and 12th gen) and the Intel R680E chipset, ensuring efficient and high-performance processing. This combination of military-grade durability and innovative technology makes the PE8000G the ideal choice for organizations looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with edge AI computing.


As you embark on your journey into the world of edge AI computing, the ASUS IoT PE8000G is your gateway to a realm of endless possibilities. From revolutionizing smart city infrastructures to transforming healthcare systems, the applications of this powerful edge AI computer are limited only by your imagination.

By investing in the PE8000G, you’re not just acquiring a piece of hardware; you’re unlocking the future of AI-driven innovation. As IoT devices, machine learning platforms, and autonomous systems continue to evolve, having a robust and reliable edge AI computing solution like the PE8000G becomes increasingly crucial.

The ASUS IoT PE8000G is competitively priced, offering you the best value for a top-tier edge AI computing solution. With its impending market availability, now is the time to position yourself at the forefront of the AI revolution. Embrace the power of the PE8000G and watch as it transforms your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and innovation capabilities, propelling you into a future where the possibilities are endless. Here are some other articles you may find of interest on the subject of Internet of Things :

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