Arduino Cloud now supports Python and JavaScript


Arduino Cloud now supports Python and JavaScript

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The official Arduino team has posted more details on using Python and JavaScript to create new IoT projects. Previously, Arduino Cloud allowed creating devices based on Arduino or ESP32/ESP8266 hardware, with automatic sketch creation in C/C++ using the Arduino IoT Cloud library. This workflow featured automatic panel provisioning and configuration within the platform.

Support expanded this week to introduce a new workflow, accommodating applications programmed in Python, MicroPython, or JavaScript, thus providing the ability to create a new breed of applications and devices that can be connected to the Arduino Cloud. If you’re new to programming and would like a little help, you can get started with the new OpenAI ChatGPT artificial intelligence to help guide you through your first steps.

New Python and JavaScript workflow

This new workflow, known as Manual Setup Any Device, provides users with credentials that can be used in Python, MicroPython, or JavaScript applications. This allows users to continue developing and programming their devices using their preferred environment. Integration with Arduino Cloud can be achieved using developed libraries In any of the supported languages. Extensive documentation, along with a wide range of examples, supports users throughout the implementation process.”

“By offering this flexible workflow, Arduino Cloud acknowledges the diverse requirements and preferences of developers. Whether you prefer the convenience of automatic provisioning or the flexibility of manual configuration, the choice is now yours. The platform’s IoT Cloud tool allows for easy management and monitoring of connected devices through customizable dashboards Furthermore, the IoT Cloud can be accessed remotely through the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to manage their devices from anywhere.”

Arduino Cloud projects

“Arduino Cloud is a platform that simplifies the development, deployment, and management of IoT devices. It supports many devices, including Arduino boards, ESP32, and ESP8266, and makes it easy for makers, IoT enthusiasts, and professionals to create connected projects with no coding experience. What sets Arduino apart Cloud is its intuitive interface that abstracts complex tasks, making it accessible to all users.With its low code approach, based on automatically generated code, and wide range of examples and templates, Arduino Cloud provides a simple way for users to get started and enables them to focus on their application code them.”

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