Apple’s new television commercial stars an iPhone feature that debuted in 2017


Apple’s new television commercial stars an iPhone feature that debuted in 2017

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Apple debuted Face ID with the iPhone X in 2017. Since then, I can only remember a few ads from Apple that focused on the secure facial recognition system. You might recall the ad from back in 2017 which showed a high-school girl in overalls opening school lockers with just a look. Soon, she’s running down the halls of the school unlocking lockers left and right. In the gym, she’s forced to retreat when she unlocks a storage room filled with all kinds of balls that start rolling toward her.
Moving ahead to the new 30-second ad for Face ID, the commercial was posted on YouTube by Apple Singapore and the spot is called iPhone 15 Face ID-Nice Try! The video starts at some sort of family gathering when a notification ring can be heard; someone’s iPhone 15 just received an iMessage from some guy named Shafik. The recipient of the message had stepped away from the gathering and had left her phone on the table leaving the rest of the family curious to know more about the message and the person who sent it.

So one family member subtly reaches for the iPhone 15 and tries to unlock the device with her face. She is denied. Another family member grabs the phone away and looks at the display hoping that Face ID will unlock the phone. No dice. All together, three family members are shot down by Face ID. Finally, the owner of the iPhone returns to the table, and not suspecting that her phone was the subject of her family’s curiosity, she gets another notification about an iMessage. Looking at her phone, she unlocks it with her face. And while she reads her messages, the other women in the family stare at her as if to say, “We know who sent you an iMessage.”

On the screen, we see the words: “Face ID. Helps keep secrets safe. Relax, it’s iPhone.” Face ID has worked so well since its debut on the iPhone X that iPhone users don’t give it a second thought. According to Display Supply Side Consultants (DSCC), next year’s iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max will have the Face ID cameras and lights moved under the display.

You’re sure to see the ad pop up on some of the platforms you stream while watching the NCAA College Basketball tournament on broadcast television, and on Major League Baseball, NBA, and NHL contests.

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