Apple will not release any tablets on March 26th says person very close to the tech giant


Apple will not release any tablets on March 26th says person very close to the tech giant

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A report from the China Timesthat we told you about earlier this week said that Apple will release new iPad models on March 26th. Last year, for the first time since launching the first iPad in 2010, Apple failed to bring any new models to the marketplace. The new tablets expected to be launched by Apple next Tuesday include the new iPad Pro (2024) models and the new iPad Air (2024) line.
One person who disagreed with the March 26th release date was Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who said that a delay in finishing iPadOS 17.4 forced Apple to just recently send the software to factories making the new tablets. Gurman said last weekend that the new tablets will be released in late April. And Gurman doubled down on this with a tweet that he posted on Thursday simply responding “Not true” to a tweet from MacRumors promoting the March 26th rumored release.

Whether it is March 26th or sometime the following month, new iPads are coming. Let’s start with the iPad Pro (2024) series which will include the first iPads ever to sport an OLED display. The tablet will also feature a landscape-oriented front-facing camera which is being done to make the tablets feel more like a laptop. We could see a redesigned rear camera island, and the powerful 3nm M3 chipset is expected to power the 11-inch and 12.9-inch slates. There is some speculation that Apple will add MagSafe wireless charging support to its top-of-the-line tablets.

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With the iPad Pro (2024) expected to get a price hike because of the new OLED displays (especially the 12.9-inch model), Apple decided to add a 12.9-inch variant to the iPad Air (2024) line which will now consist of 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch tablets. This way, someone who needs a large 12.9-inch iPad but can’t afford the OLED iPad Pro can buy the 12.9-inch LCD iPad Air. Additionally, the iPad Air (2024) will also have a landscape-oriented front-facing camera, and the line will be powered by the M2 SoC.

We also expect to see a new Magic Keyboard and a new Apple Pencil released by Apple whenever it announces the new iPads. We should know in a few days whether the March 26th date was correct.

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