Apple might be testing a new Apple Pencil for Vision Pro


Apple might be testing a new Apple Pencil for Vision Pro

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Right now, Apple Vision Pro gives you a few ways to type text in, like using a virtual keyboard, talking to Siri, or hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard. But there’s a rumor floating around that Apple might add support for the Apple Pencil to Vision Pro, giving you a new way to interact with visionOS.

Reportedly, Apple has been testing internally a new Apple Pencil that supports visionOS, as per a source familiar with the matter cited by MacRumors. This feature might allow users to input text and draw in apps like Freeform and Pixelmator.

While no concrete details are available about this project, one potential scenario is that users could sketch with the Apple Pencil on a flat surface like a desk, with their drawings appearing in the visionOS app. This concept would essentially transform the user’s environment into a massive canvas.

Rumors suggest that a new Apple Pencil might debut alongside the upcoming iPad Pro and iPad Air models, though there’s no confirmation yet on whether it will support visionOS. Apple is anticipated to unveil visionOS 2.0 for Apple Vision Pro at WWDC in June. There’s also speculation that Apple could introduce Apple Pencil compatibility for Apple Vision Pro through a software update sooner, possibly with visionOS 1.2.

However, you should take this information with a grain of salt, as nothing is certain until the company officially announces it.

In other news, Apple appears to be expanding the availability of its first XR headset to more markets. Recently, reports suggested that Tim Cook has confirmed China as the next launch region for the Vision Pro

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