‘APC Has Nothing To Offer Than Hardship’ — LP Sympathises With Nigerians After Electricity Tariff Hike


‘APC Has Nothing To Offer Than Hardship’ — LP Sympathises With Nigerians After Electricity Tariff Hike

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The Lagos State chapter of the Labour Party (LP) has commiserated with Nigerians on the ‘hardship’ they are facing as a result of the policies of the All Progressives Congress (APC)- led Federal Government.

The party criticized the recent hike in electricity tariff from N68 per kilowatt hour to N225/kwh, saying that the government should have been considerate.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Wednesday announced the new tariff hike, which is about 241 percent increment in rate for customers on Band A. The affected customers are those said to enjoy 20 hours and above electricity supply daily.

The state Publicity Secretary, Mrs Olubunmi Odesanya, in a statement on Sunday, said that APC has nothing to offer Nigerians other than hardship.

“On a daily basis, Nigerians are getting the brunt of a government that is simply not working. In Nigeria, government enjoys, the citizens wallow in suffering and pain.

“Let us start by commiserating one with another on the hardship we all are currently facing as a result of the inept policies foisted on the nation by the APC-led government.

“The latest being the astronomical increase in electricity tariffs. Were it to be that the price increase is reasonable, perhaps a 25 percent increase, Nigerians may not have minded. But the tariff was jacked up to 300 percent!

“What exactly is this APC government giving Nigerians other than hardship and more hardship? Security – zero, Healthcare – zero. As a matter of fact, everything is zero, zero, zero. It is only corruption, nepotism, poverty and hardship that thrive under this government.

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“For the umpteenth time, let us reiterate that this APC government has nothing to offer other than to impoverish the citizens. They are only capable of continually bringing sorrow, tears and blood to the table. (apologies to Fela).

“A Government that turns its fangs on the people shows the hopelessness of the future,” Odesanya said.

She called for an upward review of minimum wage before removal of subsidy on electricity.

“Labour Party standpoint is for a review of the minimum wage upwards before the removal of these subsidies.

“How can you expect the citizens to cope with these subsidies’ removal with thirty thousand naira minimum wage, up-to-the-sky inflation and high unemployment rate?

“In saner climes, governments are known to provide succor for hardship but here in Nigeria, APC government prefer to add petrol to the burning fire of impoverishment, poverty and suffering.

“Labour Party looks to see a humane Government that will provide good living standards for its citizens, where infrastructure will be upgraded and development will be progressive.

“Let consumption of power be within the reach of poor Nigerians,” she added.

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