Another Look at Final Cut Camera on iPhone


Another Look at Final Cut Camera on iPhone

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Apple has introduced the Final Cut Camera app, a groundbreaking tool designed to transform professional video recording on iPhones and iPads. This app offers an unprecedented level of control over video settings, including multi-cam support, making it an indispensable asset for content creators seeking to produce high-quality video content using their iOS devices.

The video below from Zollotech gives us more details on the wide range of new features that are available on the iPhone with the launch of the new Final Cut Camera app, let’s find out more details about the app.

Compatibility and Requirements

To harness the power of Final Cut Camera, your device must be running iOS 17.4 or iPadOS 17.4 or later. The app is compatible with iPhones equipped with the A13 Bionic processor or newer models. For iPad users, an M1, M2, or M4 processor is necessary to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Extensive Camera Controls

Final Cut Camera provides users with a comprehensive set of camera controls, empowering them to fine-tune their video recordings:

  • Smooth Zoom: The app offers smooth zoom options based on the available cameras, allowing for seamless transitions and creative framing.
  • White Balance: Adjust the white balance to suit your shooting environment, with settings like daylight, shadow, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, and flash.
  • Exposure Control: Take command of your exposure with both automatic and manual settings, ensuring optimal brightness and contrast in your footage.
  • Shutter Speed and ISO: Fine-tune your shutter speed and ISO settings to capture crisp, clear images in various lighting conditions.
  • Autofocus: Utilize the app’s autofocus capabilities, including manual focus pull from the iPad, for precise control over your focus points.
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Enhanced Functionality and Convenience

Final Cut Camera offers a range of additional features designed to streamline your video production workflow:

  • Orientation Lock: Ensure your camera stays in the desired position throughout your shoot with the orientation lock feature.
  • Media Review and Camera Switching: Seamlessly review your recorded media and switch between cameras for dynamic, multi-angle shots.
  • Recording Time and Battery Status: Keep track of your recording time and battery status with convenient on-screen indicators.
  • Multi-Cam Connection: Connect your iPad to Final Cut Pro for seamless multi-cam recording and editing.

Flexible Recording Formats and Settings

The Final Cut Camera app supports a variety of recording formats and settings, allowing you to tailor your video output to your specific needs:

  • ProRes and H.265: Choose between the high-quality ProRes format and the efficient H.265 codec for your recordings.
  • HDR and SDR: Record in either HDR or SDR, depending on your desired dynamic range and compatibility requirements.
  • Resolution Options: Select from 4K, 1080p, and 720p resolutions to suit your project’s demands and distribution platforms.
  • Frame Rates: Capture your footage at 24, 25, 30, 50, or 60 frames per second, providing flexibility for various creative styles and delivery formats.

Professional-Grade Tools at Your Fingertips

Final Cut Camera equips you with a suite of professional tools to elevate your video production:

  • Stabilization: Ensure smooth, stable footage with the app’s built-in stabilization feature.
  • Mirror Front Camera: Utilize the mirror front camera setting for self-recording or vlogging purposes.
  • Color and Dynamic Range Settings: Fine-tune your video’s color profile and dynamic range to achieve the desired look and feel.
  • Grid Overlays and Aspect Ratios: Compose your shots with precision using the app’s grid overlays and aspect ratio guides.
  • Overexposure Indicators and Focus Peaking: Avoid overexposed areas and ensure accurate focus with the help of visual indicators.
  • Audio Input and Monitoring: Connect external audio devices and monitor your audio levels for optimal sound quality.
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Multi-Cam Recording and Editing

One of the standout features of Final Cut Camera is its multi-cam functionality. You can connect up to four devices for live multi-cam recording, with full control over each camera’s settings during the recording process. Real-time monitoring of recording time and battery status across all connected devices ensures a seamless, synchronized experience. After recording, you can edit your multi-cam clips in Final Cut Pro for iPad, leveraging the power of Apple’s professional-grade video editing software.

Subscription-Based Access to Advanced Features

To unlock the full potential of Final Cut Camera, including multi-cam recording and advanced features, a subscription is required. This subscription model ensures that users have access to the latest updates, improvements, and expanded functionality as the app continues to evolve.


The Final Cut Camera app represents a significant leap forward in professional video production using iPhone and iPad devices. With its extensive camera controls, flexible recording formats, and multi-cam capabilities, this app empowers content creators to produce high-quality, professional-grade video content without the need for expensive, dedicated camera equipment. As Apple continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with mobile video production, the Final Cut Camera app is poised to become an essential tool for filmmakers, journalists, and content creators alike.

Source & Image Credit: Zollotech

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