According to GREG GUTFELD, competence is redefined as mean by the most incompetent persons alive.


According to GREG GUTFELD, competence is redefined as mean by the most incompetent persons alive.

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Gutfeld talks about what people today think is rude.
Everyone, Happy Tuesday! Many thanks. I appreciate that warm hug. Because, as the news says, I’m now the meanest person on Earth. I’ve finally caught up to Neil Cavuto. This show stinks as much as Joey’s breath. Everything I say has been called ignorant, rude, and hurtful, and by watching this, so have you. So let’s go through the list of what’s cool and what’s not. First, I think the gangs should be bombed. Those are the people who sell the drugs that kill over 100,000 people here every year. But to bomb them is just mean. Someone might even get hurt. I might as well text Kat and tell her she’s fired. So, it looks mean at first glance. So let the gangs stay in place. But then, so does the trade in drugs and sex. People who aren’t guilty are killed. There is pedophilia and rape. Generations of people get lost. So, here’s a thought: Listen to me. We should make a wall. Not too bad, huh?
We could get them off the street, force them to get help, and maybe even put them in the crowd at The View. No, but. But don’t even think about taking them out of your yard. That’s not nice. What about their right to camp on the street, where they get sick, spread diseases, overdose, and die? Don’t worry. They’ll be replaced with brand-new ones, right? So, when you give them $5, you can still feel pretty good about it. When you pay for behavior, doesn’t it feel great? You will, of course, get more of it. But, hey, you’re only here for a short time. During the COVID shutdown, people who followed the rules had to give up years of their lives. But these people could poop in the middle of Park Avenue as long as it wasn’t on a BLM street painting.

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Don’t forget how rude it was to ask where COVID came from. Don’t say China, OK? A country where 10-year-olds work 15 hours a day without a break to go to the bathroom so that you can have a Fitbit to track your steps of freedom. It’s better to say that some unknown farmer got a lousy bowl of hot and sour bat soup so we can have an impeachment hearing against Donald Trump, the meanest person beside me. He sure was mean, huh? Asking us to stop acting like victims. Not good. And don’t you dare ask for justice for people who break into shops and steal things, causing them to close for good in minority areas? Let’s go. They must feed their children. Have you ever tried a Louis Vuitton bag for yourself? It melts when you eat it.

I get it. I understand.

Every single Democrat you see on TV has a wall around their home. Why do that if it doesn’t stop anyone from getting in? Now, someone tried to do this once, but they called him a racist, which is rude. Also, walls probably won’t solve the problem, right? They’ll just cut it down a lot. They laughed, though. They wouldn’t have laughed at that last night. Slow bunch. OK, then let him in and deal with these other people later. But Fox said that about Kilmeade back in 1998. Still having trouble with that. So, yes, this means that drugs can come in and kill many Americans, but it also means that there will be many more places for the millions of illegal immigrants to live. That’s great. Just remember to get their votes. But then, what about the drug addicts?

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She knows what she’s doing. Too bad it’s full of cat poop and cat litter, but that’s unfair. I’m very mean, as you can see. But for her, working at a bar was an honest way to make a living, and I bet she wouldn’t defend a thief if they broke in and stole from her place. We are also paying for a war that is going on a thousand miles away. But don’t bring it up because that’s also mean. You could in the past, right? Most of the most significant comments came from the left. But no longer. They make Genghis Khan look like someone who wants peace. It’s just better to let hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians die in a proxy war they can’t win.

How about your child? He’s only six years old, but he’s lost. He wanted to be a fireman last year, but no organizers were interested. But now, the focus is on gender. That’s simple. It would be cruel not to let him look into other options, like surgery to change his gender. This is true. Sounds nice. Mutilation is hard to say, but affirmation is easy. This isn’t nice. So it would be best to trust the activist/teacher because they’ve done so well with their lives. Just ask any of their cats. I kid. Giving a child to an activist is like giving your bags to Sam Brinton, your Rogaine to Jesse Waters, or your dog to Obama. Don’t you remember? He ate a dog, which you know. That isn’t something people will remember.
Why should I be mean to you if you don’t do your work? So, yes, fascism doesn’t come in like a hammer. It pretends to be a fluffy treatment hamster with a non-binary name. And know-how? People who aren’t good at anything think that’s mean.

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The D, the O, and the G didn’t know how to spell the word “dog.” America is now like a house with no parents. There is no limit, no one is in charge, and no one knows who comes or goes at night. And those in power don’t care about their rescue. Why would you try to save something as wrong as the United States? That’s not nice.

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