7 Best Online Ambigram Generators for FREE in 2023


7 Best Online Ambigram Generators for FREE in 2023

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Create custom Ambigram tattoo using some of the best online ambigram generators and apps. It will help to design personalized tattoo, arts and innovative logo designs.

Ambigram generators are also very useful for making your own custom stickers with texts such as quote stickers or logo stickers. Upload the template you created on ambigram generators to, create your personalized text stickers in just a few steps, and then you can see the artwork you created. That is amazing.

What is an ambigram?

An ambigram is a type of art. It is a form of calligraphy art where one word can have the same or different interpretations or meanings when viewed from different angles. It is a kind of calligraphy writing that has curves drawn in such a manner that creates interesting and innovative meanings.

Ambigram art is an extremely innovative and technical art form since it requires expertise in creating different kinds of Ambigram and can be achieved by professionals or experts in the field. Ambigrams are very popular these days and are used for multiple purposes like projects, creating banners and even invitation cards, etc.

One such amazing example of Ambigram design is creating tattoo logos. The ambigrams created by artists are made in such a manner that they have multiple lookouts and meanings when viewed differently and in different directions.

Graphic designs done with help of animation software take advantage of the Ambigram designs to produce meaningful data and create amazing art and even logos as well as presentations.

Best Free Ambigram Generators Online

One good news is you can find yourself some of the best Ambigram generators to design your art and tattoo nowadays. Let’s see the different types of free ambigram generators available in the market.


Website –


This is the easiest ambigram creator software that simply takes two words from the user and makes an amazing ambigram out of it. It makes ambigrams that can be read straight and also upside down.

After you have typed the words or phrases, FlipScript creates beautiful ambigrams with it and is very simple to use.

Website –

This is another one of the best Ambigram generators to design your own art and tattoo that is very simple to use. It lets users create amazing ambigram designs with minimal manual effort.

All they need to do is type the text, choose the type of font they want, and then convert the text into the desired ambigram.

3Ambigram Studio 3.0

Download App from Play Store

Ambigram Studio 3.0

As the name implies, Ambigram Studio 3.0 is truly creative and produces marvelous pieces of ambigram content. To create the ambigram content, you need to put the text which can be a word or phrase in the dedicated online space.

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4The Ambimatic

Download APK


This is yet another application for Android devices that let users make interesting ambigram designs and tattoos. It offers a high-speed processing and can easily be accessed from anywhere. 

5Font Meme

Website –


This is another application in our list of best Ambigram generators to design your own art and tattoo. It is simple to use and only requires the user to enter the text he wanted to convert to an Ambigram design. 

After the text has been inserted, the user has to choose the font and then finally click on the create button to create an ambigram. That’s all.

6Tattoo Font Designer ❤️ A tattoo lettering app

Download App from Play Store

This is again an ambigram generator for Android devices that can be used on Android phones to create amazing designs. This app has great collections of tattoo fonts and innovative designs which is really helpful to generate amazing digital illustrations.

You can create amazing tattoos by using different fonts and innovative images from gallery. You can also upload images from your phone and edit it as per your requirements with solid, transparent, or mixed background.

7Make Ambigrams

Website –


This is the last ambigram generator in our list of best Ambigram generators to design your own art and tattoo. Using this online tool, the user has to enter a text in the field given.

The user can also input an additional text of the same or similar length, and then select the font. Once both the attributes are provided click on Generate to create free ambigrams online.

What to consider when designing your own tattoo?

When designing an ambigram for a tattoo or art, consider the following:

  1. Word Choice: Choose a word or phrase that is meaningful to you and aligns with the theme or concept you want to convey through your tattoo or artwork.
  2. Typography: Select a font or typography style that complements the word or phrase and enhances its visual impact. Different fonts can create different effects, so experiment with various styles.
  3. Symmetry and Rotation: Ambigrams rely on symmetry and rotation to make the word readable from multiple angles. Experiment with different degrees of rotation and symmetrical arrangements to find the most visually appealing result.
  4. Positive and Negative Space: Pay attention to the positive and negative spaces in the design. Striking a balance between these spaces can help enhance the readability of the ambigram.
  5. Simplicity: Sometimes, simpler designs can be more effective. Avoid overly complex designs that might be difficult to read or reproduce accurately.
  6. Customization: If you have artistic skills, consider customizing the ambigram by hand to add a personal touch. This can make your design even more unique.
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Type of Ambigrams

Since creating ambigrams is a difficult process and requires a lot of technicalities, experts earn a lot out of these. There are both symmetrical and asymmetrical ambigrams which are described below:

Symmetrical Ambigrams

There are major 5 different types of symmetrical ambigrams namely rotational, mirror image, chain(rotational), chain(bilateral), and totems.

  • Rotational Symmetrical Ambigrams 

When an ambigram reads the same when rotated even at 180 degrees they are called rotational ambigrams. This means even the inverted image is the same as the original image.

  • Mirror Image/Bilateral Symmetrical Ambigram

These types of ambigrams read the same when viewed in a mirror or from behind.

  • Chain( Rotational) Symmetrical Ambigrams

This is the third type of symmetrical ambigram that has infinite reparations of the word. These are drawn in the form of rotations and are circular.

  • Chain(Bilateral) Symmetrical Ambigrams

Just like bilateral ambigrams, they too can be read with a mirror and have similar attributes of rotational chain ambigrams.

These are the fifth kind of symmetrical ambigrams that can be read vertically and the symmetry is a mirror image symmetry.

Asymmetrical Ambigrams

These asymmetrical ambigrams are said to have two different words. Both the words are said to have opposite meanings and can be rotational as well as bilateral symmetry. 

  • Figure/Ground Relationships

There is another type where the species between the letterforms also read letters. 

Now that we have got an elementary knowledge about what ambigrams are and how cool they look, let’s see what are the different and best Ambigram generators to design your Art and Tattoo and make our content.

While Ambigrams are too cool and look amazing, having them made from a professional will cost you a lot of money. To your relief, the Internet provides a lot of help to people wanting to learn and create innovative designs. There are ample Ambigram Generators to Design Your Art and Tattoo that act as saviors and give your content hat extra value.

Ambigrams are an amazing means to create tattoos and logos and other forms of art. While it needs a certain level of expertise to create ambigrams made from a professional are always expensive.

We suggest you use one of the best Ambigram generators to design your own art and tattoo. These ambigram generators work online and help you create great designs for free. Isn’t that great?

Ambigram Generators FAQs

I’d be happy to provide some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about ambigram generators:

What is an ambigram generator?

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An ambigram generator is a tool that helps you create ambigrams, which are words, phrases, or symbols that can be read from multiple angles or orientations. These generators automate the process of designing ambigrams by manipulating text and shapes to achieve the desired visual effect.

How do ambigram generators work?

Ambigram generators use algorithms to manipulate letters, fonts, and shapes in ways that create symmetrical or rotational designs. These algorithms help ensure that the word or phrase remains readable from different perspectives.

Can I customize the style of my ambigram using a generator?

Yes, most ambigram generators allow you to choose from various fonts, styles, and rotation options. This customization helps you create a design that aligns with your artistic vision and the meaning behind the word or phrase.

Are ambigram generators free to use?

Many ambigram generators offer both free and premium options. Free versions typically come with basic features, while premium versions might provide more font choices, customization options, and advanced features. Check the specific generator’s website or platform for pricing details.

Can I use ambigram generators for tattoo designs?

Yes, ambigram generators are commonly used to design tattoos. They can help you create a unique and meaningful tattoo by incorporating words or phrases that can be read from different angles. Ensure that the ambigram design you choose fits the location and size of the tattoo.

Are there any copyright concerns when using ambigram generators?

Some ambigram generators might offer pre-designed templates or fonts that are subject to copyright restrictions. It’s important to check the terms of use and licensing agreements for the specific fonts and designs you intend to use, especially if you plan to use the ambigram for commercial purposes.

Can I create ambigrams by hand instead of using a generator?

Absolutely! Handcrafting ambigrams allows for a high degree of customization and personalization. If you have artistic skills, you can experiment with different letter arrangements and symmetry to create a one-of-a-kind ambigram design.

What are some popular ambigram generator tools?

Some popular ambigram generator tools include Ambigram Generator, FlipScript, Ambimatic (mobile app), and various tattoo design software applications like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

How do I ensure my ambigram is readable and visually appealing?

To ensure readability, choose a word or phrase with letters that can be easily rotated or mirrored. Experiment with different font styles, rotation angles, and symmetry options to find a balance between aesthetics and legibility.

Can I use ambigrams for other forms of art besides tattoos?

Yes, ambigrams can be used in various forms of art, including graphic design, logos, posters, and more. They can add an intriguing visual element and convey hidden meanings in your artwork.

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