24TB Hardware encrypted USB storage drive from Apricorn


24TB Hardware encrypted USB storage drive from Apricorn

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Apricorn has announced the launch of the first 24TB hardware encrypted USB drive, expanding its Aegis Padlock DT series. This new external hard drive is aimed at providing secure data storage solutions for sectors that handle large volumes of sensitive data, such as healthcare, financial services, education, and government. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

It comes with 256-bit AES XTS encryption, one of the most robust security measures available. This means that your information is locked away behind a virtually impenetrable wall of cryptographic protection. It’s perfect for organizations that not only need a lot of space for their files but also must adhere to strict security protocols to protect sensitive information.

One of the standout features of the Aegis Padlock DT series is its user-friendly approach to security. These drives don’t rely on software, which can often be a weak link in data protection. Instead, they use a built-in keypad for password entry, keeping the security measures hardware-based and less vulnerable to external attacks. This design choice simplifies the user experience while maintaining a high level of security.

24TB Hardware Encrypted USB Storage

The Aegis Padlock DT series offers a range of storage options, from 2 TB to the new 24 TB model. This variety means that organizations of any size can find a secure data storage solution that fits their specific needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, there’s a model that’s right for you.

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats like ransomware are a constant concern. The Aegis Padlock DT series stands as a strong line of defense against such dangers. By using these encrypted drives, organizations can better comply with industry regulations and protect the integrity of their sensitive data. This is crucial for staying within legal standards and maintaining trust with clients and stakeholders.

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Efficiency is key in managing data, and the Aegis Padlock DT drives support USB 3.2 technology. This means you can transfer files quickly, which is essential for keeping up with the demands of modern workflows. The drives also feature on-the-fly encryption, so your data is continuously protected without slowing down performance.

Apricorn has long been recognized for its reliable data backup solutions, and the introduction of the 24 TB hardware encrypted USB drive reinforces their position in the market. This new addition is a clear indication of their dedication to providing secure data security options for industries where the integrity of data is of the utmost importance. Here are some other articles you may find of interest on the subject of encryption :

With the release of this new encrypted USB drive storage, Apricorn has provided a high-capacity, secure storage solution that is easy to use and meets the diverse needs of various organizations. It’s an essential tool for any industry that handles sensitive data and is looking for a way to keep that information safe while still being able to manage it effectively. If you’re in the market for a storage solution that offers peace of mind and reliability, this new storage from Apricorn could be the answer.

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