10 Hardest Platinum Trophies On PlayStation


10 Hardest Platinum Trophies On PlayStation

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  • Obtaining Platinum Trophies can be extremely challenging due to difficult requirements or unrealistic conditions.
  • Some games have trophies that are unattainable due to game issues or server shutdowns.
  • Only a small fraction of players achieve Platinum in games like NBA 2K10, Tomb Raider 3, and Phoenix Point.

Platinum hunting in games is a beloved pastime for many gamers. However, sometimes a Platinum Trophy can be ridiculously challenging to obtain due to a particularly hard situation, an abysmally high random chance, or needing to partake in an event that has a very brief window each year.


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Sometimes, Platinum might be completely unobtainable, such as when a game’s servers are permanently shut down, or an issue with the game is not addressed by the developers during its lifespan.

10 NBA 2K10

Relies On Positive Online Teammate

At the time of writing this, there are only 3 players out of the 74,274 game wonders to achieve this Platinum. While there are some trophies that have been obtained by 1 or 2 percent of the players, the trophy single-handedly responsible for this abysmal achievement rate is the “Good Teammate Trophy”

Earn a positive “teammate rating” in the online Team Mode.

This Trophy requires a positive rating from playing the online Team Mode, which is nearly impossible to obtain due to it not being properly implemented into the game. Only three players have been able to obtain this trophy through astronomical means.

This trophy being made unobtainable has dropped it down on this list to focus more on Platinums that are still within reach for players looking for a challenge. Games that have had their servers shut down have not been included despite how hard some of their other trophies may be.

NBA 2K10
Visual Concepts

9 Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft

A Trophy Made For Speedrunners

  • Platinum Achievers: 0.62%

This PS4 remaster features 82 trophies, which is quite a lot for a remastered title. Out of all of these trophies, only one is in the double digits of being obtained—and that is 10 percent. All other trophies sit in the single digits, with one in particular being a true testament to a player’s resolve—“I only play for sport! Always!” This trophy requires players to complete the game in a specific amount of time.

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According to Howlongtobeat.com, the average time it takes a player to complete this game is just over 20 hours. However, in order to obtain the above-mentioned trophy, players will need to complete this game in under 6 hours. Luckily, speedrunners have had a crack at the game and found many glitches and exploits that can get a player through the game in just under 1 hour.

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

8 Phoenix Point

Spiritual Successor To Xcom

Phoenix Point
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.44%

Anyone who has played any of the Xcom games will be very familiar with how brutal Impossible Difficulty and Ironman Mode can make a Tactical game. Less than 1 percent of players have failed to beat the game, but surprisingly, over 1 percent have beaten the game on Very Hard.

The game features a wide range of randomly generated elements, making it very hard to do everything there is to do in a single game. To compensate for this, many trophies that ask players to accomplish such tasks offer the option to accomplish them over various playthroughs—however, this is still asking too much as none of these trophies make it past 1% of being obtained.

7 I Am Bread

You Need Ridiculously High Grades

I am Bread
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.39%

I Am Bread features plenty of graded performance challenges for players to achieve, with the highest grade being A++. Several trophies still sit at less than 1% due to all requiring players to have obtained this grade for various levels. These include Cheese Hunt, Rampage, and Zero Gravity.


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As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are trophies that require you to get A++ for every level within these types—all of which have an even lower rate of obtaining. Players looking for a challenge within reach are better left trying their hand at Super Meat Boy.

6 Super Meat Boy

Beyond Brutal Platforming

Super Meat Boy
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.38%

This game is among some of the best 2D platformer games and will put any player’s reflexes through the ringer. The vast majority of trophies that have been obtained are still in the single digits despite over a quarter of a million people being confirmed players. However, the true nightmare of trying to get a Platinum Trophy for this game is in its Dark Worlds.

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Of the 7 trophies that require you to complete Dark Worlds, 5 of them are below 1% obtained. This makes it likely that anyone considering this game will reconsider unless they plan on dedicating months of their life to training their reflexes and memorizing optimally timed movements.

Super Meat Boy
October 20, 2010

5 Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Demands Perfection

Time Crisis Razing Storm

While this game has online trophies and thus puts it at risk of being unobtainable, servers are still going strong since the PS3 era. Players wanting to really flex their skills should consider adding this Platinum to their list. The game demands a lot of players in Arcade mode, including getting 500 continual hits — and that is just for a bronze trophy.

Other noteworthy trophies include a silver for beating Arcade mode in under 16 minutes, another silver for beating the game without any continues, and a gold with a 0.3% obtain rate for getting a perfect score on every Sentry Mode stage.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

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Nex Entertainment

4 Fortnite

Only Counts Success

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Zeus Boss Fight 7
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.16%

This list has tried to steer clear of games that have online requirements due to games having unobtainable platinum trophies. However, Fortnite is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it is a safe bet that if you’re reading this, you will still be able to try to get your hands on this Platinum.

With over half a million players on PlayStation consoles, Fortnite is one of the best free-to-play games on the PSN storefront. However, only around 25 have managed to get their hands on this Platinum. This is due to trophies that require laborious efforts accumulated through “successful missions.” For example, you need to construct 500,000 structures, save 10,000 Survivors, and explore 1,500 Zones. Any failures mean they do not count, putting each of these trophies at under 1% obtained.

3 Crypt Of The Necrodancer

You Cannot Pick Up Anything

Crypt of the necrodancer gameplay
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.07%

Crypt of the Necrodancer includes a trophy known as “Lowest of the Low” that is just insufferable. This trophy requires players to complete a run without picking up any items or using any of the game’s shrines. The very nature of the game requires players to make use of these features in order to overcome threats and make it to the end of the game.

The likelihood of completing the game without using these items is so low that the attainment rate for this trophy alone is 0.07%, which is what drags down the number of players who have been able to get a Platinum for this game.

2 Badland

Flappybird Meets Super Meat Boy

  • Platinum Achievers: 0.07%

This is not a game you buy if you care about your gamercard. In fact, if you want to play this game, it is best to create a whole new account just to play it. This game offers trophies for hitting milestones of the same task, but the tasks it asks of players are meant to be challenging.

Two particularly brutal trophies are the “SURGEON” trophy, which requires 40 levels to be completed in 1 try, and the “NEW THUMB PLEASE!” trophy, which requires 80 levels to be completed in 1 try. This has resulted in a Platinum Trophy attainment rate of less than 0.1%.

1 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

Just Plain Hard To Beat

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus
  • Platinum Achievers: 0.02%

When you look for a list of the best ninja games, it will most certainly feature an entry from the Ninja Gaiden franchise. Sigma 2 has no online trophies or any glitched trophies. To this very day, anyone can still obtain a platinum trophy for this game, yet it sits at an abysmally low figure. What makes this Platinum so hard to obtain is simply because it is just a really hard game. The least obtained trophies for this game are completing all the game’s missions on Hard difficulty and completing all of the game’s missions on Normal difficulty.

At this point in time, the game has over 100,000 players, but only 7 of them have managed to complete every mission on the game’s Normal difficulty, with the most recent Platinum Achiever in February 2024. This game is a Vita port of the original Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the PS3, which is actually easier than Platinum.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

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