Revolt small form factor ITX gaming PC systems


Revolt small form factor ITX gaming PC systems

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MAINGEAR’s new compact, high-performance gaming PCs, the Revolt Series. This latest addition to the MAINGEAR Drops program is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences in compact, portable packages.

The Revolt Series is based on the Revolt 3 ITX case from HYTE, a renowned name in the gaming industry. This collaboration between MAINGEAR and HYTE has resulted in a small-form-factor gaming PC that doesn’t compromise on performance. Despite its compact size, the Revolt Series offers a range of performance tiers, catering to a wide spectrum of gamers.

Revolt 3 Premium ITX small form factor case features :

  • Supports most full-size graphics cards, no riser cable needed.
  • Tool-less side panels: pop them off for effortless access to build and upgrade
  • Integrated handle and accessory holders, for easy travel.
  • Downward-facing motherboard I/O routes cables out the back of the case
  • Bottom-front case I/O offers a cleaner desk setup and superior cable management.
  • Supports 1 HDD and up to 2 x 2.5″ SSDs
  • Optional PSU with pre-measured and routed cables.
  • Separated airflow channels for CPU and GPU cooling

The GPU options range from the new GeForce RTX 4060 to the powerful 4090, ensuring that gamers can enjoy the latest games at their highest settings. The processors are equally impressive, with options from the 13-generation Intel Core i5-13400F to the i9-13900K. This combination of high-performance GPUs and processors ensures that the Revolt Series can handle even the most demanding games with ease.

MAINGEAR Revolt gaming PC systems

Starting at $1,499, the Revolt Series is designed for gamers who want high-performance gaming in a compact, portable package. This price point makes the Revolt Series a competitive option in the gaming PC market, offering high-end performance at a relatively affordable price.

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The design of the Revolt Series is as impressive as its performance. Key design features include an integrated handle for easy transportation, making it a perfect choice for gamers on the go. The PCs also feature pop out accessory holders and tool-less side panels for easy access and upgrades. The downward-facing motherboard I/O and bottom-front case I/O not only give the PCs a cleaner look but also facilitate better cable management. The separated airflow channels ensure optimal cooling, a crucial factor in maintaining the performance of a gaming PC.

The collaboration between MAINGEAR and HYTE has resulted in a product that both companies believe will be a game-changer. Wallace Santos, CEO and co-founder of MAINGEAR, described the Revolt series as providing gamers with a powerful advantage. Jeffrey Cheng, Sr. Director of Sales And Marketing at HYTE, echoed this sentiment, stating that the collaboration reinforces both companies’ commitment to the PC gaming community.

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Quality assurance is a key aspect of the Revolt Series. All components are carefully selected and tested for compatibility, reliability, and performance. The systems are handcrafted in Warren, New Jersey, and undergo extensive quality checks to uphold MAINGEAR’s commitment to excellence. Each MAINGEAR PC comes with a standard one-year warranty, which can be upgraded to three years, and access to MAINGEAR’s lifetime support.

The launch of the Revolt Series under the MAINGEAR Drops program is a significant development in the gaming PC market. With its compact design, high-performance features, and a range of GPU options and processors, the Revolt Series offers a high-quality gaming experience in a portable package. The collaboration between MAINGEAR and HYTE, coupled with the commitment to quality assurance and warranty details, makes the Revolt Series a compelling choice for gamers. For more information on pricing and system specifications jump over to the official MAINGEAR website.

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