OpenAI selects Scale to fine-tune GPT-3.5


OpenAI selects Scale to fine-tune GPT-3.5

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In a groundbreaking partnership, OpenAI and Scale have joined forces to enable a wider range of companies to reap the benefits of fine-tuning OpenAI’s cutting-edge models. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way businesses utilize AI, providing them with the tools to securely customize advanced models on their proprietary data, thereby significantly enhancing their utility.

The fine-tuning feature, which has been successfully launched for GPT-3.5 Turbo, is slated to be available for GPT-4 this fall. This feature is a game-changer, as it ensures that data sent in and out of the fine-tuning API remains the sole property of the customer. Neither OpenAI nor any other organization uses this data to train other models, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for businesses.

Scale, a preferred partner for OpenAI, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having helped numerous enterprises leverage data for AI. This partnership extends the benefits of fine-tuning, allowing Scale customers to fine-tune OpenAI models and benefit from Scale’s enterprise AI expertise and Data Engine.

Scale to fine-tune GPT-3.5

“We are excited to partner with OpenAI to supercharge model performance – helping every enterprise utilize AI most effectively for their unique needs. Prompting alone—atop even the best LLMs like GPT-3.5 — is not enough model customization to produce the most accurate, efficient results. As with software, an incredible amount of value comes from fine-grained optimizations, and fine tuning is critical for that.” Alexandr Wang, Founder and CEO, Scale AI

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The partnership between Scale and OpenAI has already demonstrated its value, with Scale successfully fine-tuning GPT-3.5 for Brex. This collaboration combines GPT-3.5 with Scale’s fine-tuning expertise and Data Engine, enabling companies to create custom models tailored to their specific business needs.

Brex, for instance, has utilized Language Model (LLMs) to generate high-quality expense memos, thereby easing compliance requirements for employees and saving significant amounts of employee time. The fine-tuned GPT-3.5 model outperformed the stock GPT-3.5 turbo model 66% of the time when tested on Brex data, showcasing the potential of this partnership.

Scale’s approach to fine-tuning is comprehensive. It prepares and enhances data with the Scale Data Engine, fine-tunes GPT-3.5 with the data, and customizes models with plugins and retrieval augmented generation. Furthermore, Scale uses its Test and Evaluation platform and trained domain experts to ensure that the model exceeds performance expectations and safety requirements.

“At Brex, we’ve been investing heavily in AI which is transforming how we offer financial services to customers. Our ongoing partnership with OpenAI and Scale AI position us at the cutting edge by employing state-of-the-art techniques to enhance employee compliance and help finance teams close the books faster. In particular, fine-tuning GPT-3.5 has been a game changer for us, enabling us to deliver high-quality AI experiences, comparable to GPT-4, with much lower cost and lower latency. This unlocks a whole new set of capabilities for us that were previously not viable.”Henrique Dubugras, CEO, Brex

The partnership between OpenAI and Scale is set to revolutionize the way businesses leverage AI, providing them with the tools to securely customize advanced models to their specific needs. This collaboration is a testament to the power of fine-tuning and the potential it holds for the future of AI.

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