Nissan Hyper Adventure concept unveiled


Nissan Hyper Adventure concept unveiled

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We recently saw the new Nissan Hyper Urban concept and now the car maker has revealed another new concept car, the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept, it will appear at the Japan Mobility SHow which starts on the 25th of October.

Extended time on the road requires energy, so the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept and its V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology are envisioned to sustain electricity needs anytime and anywhere while still being respectful of the environment.

Nissan Hyper Adventure

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to the local mountains or a months-long journey to a remote locale, the Nissan Hyper Adventure’s primary objective is to accommodate the diverse needs of those who love the outdoors. Its large-capacity battery doubles as an energy source, allowing users to power up their gadgets, light up campsites, or even recharge their electric jet skis. Its V2X capability can also provide power to homes (V2H) or a local community by contributing surplus power to the grid (V2G).

Nissan Hyper Adventure

When traveling over a snowy mountain pass or the muddy trail of a lush rainforest, Nissan’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel-control system helps ensure that travellers reach their destinations smoothly, safely, and in style.

Nissan Hyper Adventure

You can find out more information about the new Nissan Hyper Adventure concept over at Nissan at the link below, the car looks interesting from the photos.

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