New Ford Nugget Camper Van unveiled


New Ford Nugget Camper Van unveiled

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Ford has unveiled its new Ford Nugget Camper Van and the van gets a range of upgrades over the previous models including a PHEV option, it also comes with the latest vehicle technology from Ford and more.

The all-new Nugget camper has been developed in partnership with leading camper converter Westfalia, and features the popular multi-zone unique interior layout that continues to set Nugget apart from its competitors.

Ford Nugget Camper Van

The next-generation Nugget benefits from Ford’s all-new vehicle platform launching this year for the market-leading Transit and Tourneo Custom family, 1 which introduces new advanced design features, connectivity and driving technologies. In the living space, customers will benefit from new premium finishes, enhanced functionality and power from a useful solar roof option to make getaways easier and more enjoyable.

Ford Nugget Camper Van

“Nugget is about helping owners discover new places – and with the extra comfort, connectivity and PHEV option of the new model, they can go further than ever. Customers tell us they use their Nuggets as family cars, to get friends and bikes to the next trail, or as a more exciting kind of retirement plan, so we designed our latest Nugget to do it all,” said Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro, Europe.

Ford Nugget Camper Van

You can find out more information about the new Ford Nugget Camper Van over at Ford at the link below, Ford will star taking orders on this new Camper van this month nd the first deliveries will start in spring 2024.

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