Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys unveiled


Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys unveiled

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Netatmo has announced the launch of its new Smart Door Lock and Keys which is designed to protect your home using the latest technology, and it conforms to the EN15684 standard for security.

The new Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys is designed to withstand any hacking attempts, it is not connected to the Internet and it comes with the latest encryption technology.

Netatmo Smart Door Lock

The Smart Door Lock is also designed to withstand hacking attempts, so it’s not connected to the Internet. It can be unlocked on a smartphone via an encrypted, secure Bluetooth communication protocol, or by using the NFC Smart Keys.
Only the unique Secure Element built into each Door Lock can enable actions such as unlocking, locking and adding a new key.

Two leading companies in IT security have already vouched for the Smart Lock. The French company Synacktiv, a pioneer in offensive security, joined the Netatmo teams in the early stages of developing the Smart Lock, to test its technical architecture, scrutinise every line of code and look for potential vulnerabilities. Both the Lock and the Smart Keys use state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques and algorithms to protect the product from piracy. They provide a level of security similar to that of bank cards or biometric passports. In Germany, AV-Test, the independent German research institute for IT security, has certified the product: “The Netatmo Smart Lock and its Keys proved to be exemplary in our tests and in all relevant test areas – its solid design combined with the very good implementation of data protection leaves no room for cynicism. We were therefore delighted to award the “Approved IoT Product” certificate.”

You can find out more information about the new Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys over at the company’s website at the link below, pricing for the lock starts at €379.99, and the keys at €39.99.

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