iOS 17 settings you should change (video)


iOS 17 settings you should change (video)

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Apple’s iOS 17 has been out for almost a month, we have already seen a range of different videos of the software with various tips and tricks for the iPhone and now we have a new video from Payette Forward which gives us some details on a range of settings that can be changed to optimize iOS 17.

While many of the new iOS settings and features are incredibly useful, some may not be ideal for every user. Whether you’re concerned about eye strain, battery life, or privacy, there are several settings you might want to tweak. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 iOS 17 settings you should consider changing.

Screen Distance Feature: A Double-Edged Sword for Eye Health

The new Screen Distance feature is designed to protect eyesight, particularly for children who spend a lot of time on their devices. However, this feature can be a hindrance for people who wear glasses or have poor vision. If you find it annoying, you might want to disable it in the settings.

Siri Activation: Simplified Voice Command

Gone are the days when you had to say “Hey Siri” to activate Apple’s voice assistant. iOS 17 allows you to simply say “Siri” to get her attention. While this is convenient, it could also lead to accidental activations. If you prefer the old way, you can revert to it in the settings.

Music Crossfade: Not for Every Genre

The Music Crossfade feature blends songs together for a seamless listening experience. However, this may not be suitable for all types of music, such as classical or live performances. If you’re a purist, you might want to turn this feature off.

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Sounds and Haptics: Save Battery and Reduce Annoyance

iOS 17 offers suggestions to turn off keyboard and lock sounds, as well as system haptics, to save battery life and reduce annoyance. If you find these sounds and vibrations unnecessary, head to the settings to disable them.

Screen Sharing in Notifications: A Privacy Concern

The new Screen Sharing feature in notifications is crucial for maintaining privacy during FaceTime calls on Apple TV. Make sure this setting is enabled to prevent unintentional sharing of your screen.

Airdrop Settings: Beware of Crowded Places

The new Airdrop feature can be accidentally triggered in crowded places, which could be a security risk. If you’re concerned, it’s better to stick with the traditional Airdrop settings.

Contact Posters in Messages: Personalize Your Calls

iOS 17 allows you to customize what people see when you call them, including a photo and name. While this is a fun feature, make sure you’re comfortable with the information you’re sharing.

Live Voicemail: A Modern Twist to Traditional Voicemail

The Live Voicemail feature allows you to leave live voice messages. While innovative, some may find it unnecessary. If you’re one of them, this is another setting you can disable.

Automatic Cleanup of Verification Codes: Keep Your Messages Clean

Tired of your Messages app being cluttered with used verification codes? The new Automatic Cleanup feature will take care of that for you. Make sure it’s enabled to keep your Messages app clean.

Camera Storage Trick: Free Up Space with Apple ProRes

Using Apple ProRes can help you free up storage space on your iPhone. If storage is a concern for you, this is a setting you’ll definitely want to explore.

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In conclusion, while iOS 17 offers a host of new features designed to improve your experience, not all of them may be to your liking or suit your needs. Take some time to go through these settings and adjust them according to your preferences for a more personalized iPhone experience.

Source & Image: Payette Foward

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