ABT Urus Scatenato has 810 horsepower


ABT Urus Scatenato has 810 horsepower

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ABT has taken the Lamborghini Urus and created the ABT Urus Scatenato and ABT has given the car even more power. The Lamborghini Urus comes with 666 horsepower, this has been increased to 810 horsepower.

The ABT Urus Scatenato will be limited to just 999 cars and this super fast SUV gets a raneg of other upgrades as well, with various carbon fibre upgrades including 23 inch ABT alloys, an updated exhaust, and more.

ABT Urus Scatenato

The Kempten-based company refined the Urus based on the unique Lamborghini design, carefully preserving the vehicle’s extraordinary character. The numerous carbon fibre components in shiny* visible carbon provide visual fireworks. Examples in the engine bay include the engine compartment cover and release, as well as the engine cover. ABT Sportsline also went all out in terms of aerodynamics with this Urus. The 99 ABT Urus Scatenato of this special model series have a coherently designed front spoiler with centre blade and decorative trims as well as a rear wing with aero trims and a rear skirt insert also including decorative trims. This not only provides an aggressive look, but also generates additional downforce.

ABT Urus Scatenato

You can find out more details about the new ABT Urus  over at ABT at the link below, as yet there are no details on how much this upgraded Lamborghini Urus will retail for.

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